In considering the parental request for placement within a maintained special school for pupils with behaviour and learning difficulties the Local Authority must have regard to the following criteria:

1. The pupil will benefit from a placement at a school committed to reversing patterns of failure associated with school and learning. These patterns of failure manifest themselves in a combination of behavioural and learning, emotional and social difficulties as described in their statement of SEN.

2. Pupils are likely to experience a combination of low self-esteem, together with a significant degree of social and emotional immaturity possibly associated with language delay and will display emotional vulnerability and/or disruptive behaviour. Their learning difficulties may be compounded by medical diagnoses such as Prade Willi, Tourettes, Fragile X or ASC.

3. The majority of pupils will have general learning difficulties in most curriculum areas.

4. At KS1 and KS2 the school will provide for pupils who have behaviour, emotional and social difficulties (see BESD admission criteria)

5. Pupil will live:-

Within the local community which may cover more than one district.

Close enough to comply with County guidelines on journey time.

Close enough to enable the school to support them in their locality whenever possible.

When a child is considered in need of the special educational help available at Rowhill the parents will be invited to see the School during the working day and be shown all the facilities that the School has to offer. There will be a chance for an informal discussion with the Head Teacher to help parents with the decisions they have to make on their child's future education.

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