Art Homework Term 1 2016

All paper and art materials are available from Mrs Fay. Students have time to discuss homework during lessons if they require further support.

Key stage 3 (Year 7, 8 and 9)   ½ hour once a week

1 - Draw a decorative object from observation.

2 - Draw message in hieroglyphics.

3 - Draw an animal from a photo or real life.

4 - Draw a vase/mug/glass from observation

5 - Draw an animal in an Egyptian style.

6 - Draw a self-portrait in an Egyptian style

Key stage 4/5 (Year 10,11,12,13)   1 hour once a week

1 - Draw a landscape from a magazine

2 - Draw a landscape from a printed or digital image

3 - take a half printed picture home to complete

4 - make a landscape collage using images from magazines

5 - Draw from your collage made last week

6 - draw the view form a window in your home

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