Primary Education


Rowhill’s primary phase pupils have access to the full National Curriculum in an appropriately differentiated level to meet need and ability.

Our students will be taught most of their lessons in the primary classroom, however, where possible the department will make use of the specialist resources and equipment available in the Secondary School buildings.

The school is very keen to offer a broader curriculum beyond the recognised school subjects and has a varied programme of extended curricular activities on offer. 

RE and Collective Worship

We believe that we should promote tolerance for humanity and in particular those of different beliefs. Pupils need the opportunity to define their own beliefs and question any prejudices they may have developed through a lack of knowledge and understanding. The law requires that we offer Religious Education and that we hold a daily act of collective worship or reflection for all pupils. Through these areas we aim to encourage our pupils to show empathy and respect not only within our own community but also within the wider community in which we all live. Parents/carers have the right to withdraw their child from both these areas if they wish to do so.

Sex Education

It is important that children grow up with a healthy well-informed attitude to human sexuality and relationships. Sex education at Rowhill is taught through Science and PSHE.  Parents/carers have the right to look at the policies and subject materials used and to withdraw their child from sex education sessions. For further information please contact the school.

Reviews and Reports

All pupils at Rowhill will have an annual review of their Statement of Special Educational Needs. These will be timetabled across the year and will involve all other professionals working with your child in addition to you and your child. Please make every effort to attend these as it is very important that we take your opinions into account and plan together for your child’s future. All pupils will receive two reports (Term 4 and Term 6) which will give detailed information about the progress they have made during the previous two terms  and look to their aims for the next two terms. There will also be in addition to the Annual Review meeting a ‘Meet The Teacher’ evening early in Term 1 and a consultation evening in Term 6. All Primary pupils have a daily contact book to aid regular communication between home and school.

Primary Curriculum Entitlement
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