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In English we follow a variety of reading schemes dependant on the pupil’s ability. These include Dockside, Wolfshill, Wellington Square, Phonic readers. We also have a wide range of free reading books to suit all abilities. We read every morning and the pupils the take a quiz on the book using Accelerated Reader.

We follow the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme to help children with their reading and spelling.

We teach a differentiated curriculum for English. Please ask the staff to see what text or theme  your child is currently following.

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Key Stage 4


In Key Stage 4 pupils continue to develop their skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. By the end of the course pupils will be more prepared to enter post 16 education and the world of work.

Pupils will develop the confidence to read fluently and accurately, with a level of understanding.

 Pupils will develop the ability to communicate fluently and confidently both in formal and informal situations.

Pupils will write for a range of purposes developing accurate punctuation, correct spelling and legible handwriting.

Pupils in Key Stage 4 currently have the opportunity to take three separate external qualifications dependant on ability; AQA Entry Level English, Edexcel Functional Skills English Level 1 and AQA GCSE English.

The Key Stage 4 programme is divided into termly projects including; Holes, Touching the Void, Romeo and Juliet, The Quest, War Poetry, Warhorse, Media, Work, Macbeth and Of Mice and Men.

The topics covered are designed to inspire and motivate pupils. The texts selected have been chosen to grasp the imagination and enthuse the pupils.  Expectations are high and all pupils work to the best of their ability. Tasks are differentiated to suit the needs of all pupils. Pupils use a variety of writing frames, scaffolds and technology to assist with the writing process. Alongside the termly projects pupils read a variety of class readers, which are high interest, accessible and age appropriate. Themes covered include survival and adventure, gang culture, bullying, crime, supernatural and ghost stories.  Pupils are encouraged to discuss, listen and respond to ideas and opinions in small groups and as a whole class. There is a focus on understanding, evaluating and analysing themes, ideas and perspectives that are required for external assessment; however the core skills are recognised as being equally important. Pupils who struggle with core skills receive individual literacy support.

Links: www.aqa.org.uk and www.edexcel.co.uk

  Incorporate elements Creative writing and functional skills.

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