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The Food Technology Department at Rowhill is a busy, vibrant and popular department. The focus is to promote a love of cooking whilst acquiring the knowledge and skills through practical work to become a competent cook and to gain success.

The aim is to embrace and celebrate success for all in a creative “can do” environment where a positive attitude is seen as the only option.

Teamwork and peer group support is valued and pupils are individually supported and guided at all levels in order to achieve their potential grade.

 In Food Technology we seek to develop in our students a sound understanding about food and the important role food plays in a healthy lifestyle. We teach the basic practical cookery skills and focus particularly on Healthy Eating, Safety and Hygiene, Diet and Nutrition. Students are encouraged to be independent learners, creative thinkers and team workers through their food

 Food Technology is an exciting and rewarding subject taught in the school's state-of-the-art facilities. Pupils will learn how to choose a nutritious diet and achieve a healthy lifestyle in line with the current government guidelines, at the same time learning the skills that will enable them to make a wide range of delicious dishes. They will also gain an understanding of safety and hygiene and how to prepare, cook and present food – skills they will need throughout life.

At KS3  - Years 7, 8 & 9 students:

 All pupils study Food Technology. Pupils learn a wide range of practical & organisational skills enabling them to produce successful, high quality food products which meet nutritional targets for good health

Students are given the opportunity to follow the ‘License to Cook’ programme which is used in many schools throughout the UK. This scheme of work teaches students a wide range of cooking skills starting with the absolute basics and building up to more complex dishes requiring a greater number of techniques.

At KS4- Years 10 & 11:

Many Students will take the BTEC option and will follow the Jamie Oliver designed course ( Edexcel BTEC Level 1 & 2 Award) in Home Cooking Skills (QCF). This course aims to give learners the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy cooking meals at home. Students  will gain understanding of how to economise
when planning meals to cook at home. The course encourages students to transfer skills learnt to other recipes to continue cooking for themselves and their families and to inspire others by passing on their knowledge. The course is based on the chef Jamie Oliver’s belief that being able to cook is an essential life skills.

Pupils also have the opportunity to study FT at GCSE level. Coursework which includes extended practical tasks makes up 60% of the total examination mark.

Career Opportunities

Food Technology can lead to exciting and well-paid careers in the food industry. Food Technologists are in huge demand. Some of the department's most successful ex-students are now well placed in the food industry. Recent appointments include: placements on graduate training schemes at Nestlé, a restaurant manager, a chef and a dietician.

Possible careers include: chef, dietician, food chemist, food consultant, food journalist, marketing and advertising, food styling and photography, food buyer, recipe development and hotel management. Food Technology is also valuable outside the food industry. The knowledge and skills gained can benefit those wishing to teach, work in sport, medicine or the caring professions eg nursing.

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