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Forest school at Rowhill is still in its first year and very much at a stage of development. During these early stages almost all of the Rowhill primary children have taken part in outdoor activities delivered by a qualified level 3 Forest School leader, who encourages children to develop their own ideas and to experience success in their chosen task.

A number of projects are currently in progress including a semi-permanent shelter, a fire pit area and most recently a Willow tunnel.

The first project was the shelter which was built using deadwood from around our own woodland site.

Our students were able to acquire new skills such as learning to use tools and how to tie knots, which was great for their self-esteem and sense of achievement. Unfortunately a group of teenaged boys (not from our school) came to the site one afternoon after school hours and smashed the shelter to the ground. They were seen by our staff and promptly asked to leave however, all the hard work destroyed in just a few moments.

The Rowhill children were upset at first but not disheartened. After salvaging what materials they could from the wreckage, went ahead with mark 2 which is now well on its way.

Since the destruction of the first shelter children living locally have been seen in the site, respecting our environment and making attempts to improve on our projects. This is very encouraging to see. Our most recent venture is the construction of a Willow tunnel. Again Rowhill students have worked hard preparing the ground for planting the Willow rods provided by the school.

This project has brought together many of the different skills acquired by our learners: not only the physical skills but also team building, forming relationships, communication and social skills. As a community our Forest School experience has been very positive despite one or two setbacks beyond our control. We look forward to developing our Forest School into an area of beauty and hope that the children at Rowhill feel pride in their achievements.

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