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We are offering AQA Entry Level History this year. We will be studying the following units:

Medicine in the Ancient World

We will use a variety of source materials to study magical, supernatural and natural developments in medical cures from prehistoric to Roman times. We will learn about the importance of Hippocrates and how the Roman Empire changed public health.

Britain 1815-1851: Social Reform: Factories and Mines

We will be using source materials to study the working conditions in factories and mines. We will look at the acts that changed working practices for children in the time period.

First World War – The Western Front

We will learn about the establishment of the trenches, why it was difficult to break through. The battle of the Somme and the effects the war had on the men.

The Home Front in the Second World War

We will learn how the Second World War impacted on civilian life in Britain including propaganda, the blitz, rationing and the changing role of women.


At home why not look for documentaries on the television about any of the topics.

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