Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 course continues to build upon the Numeracy Framework established in the Primary School.

Mathematics is taught the using the Pearson Level-Up (Levels 3-5) as the main textbook. The aim is to teach Level 3-5 topics, depending on pupils’ current understanding and to supplement this with some work from Level 2 where gaps in pupils’ knowledge are noticed. The course also includes assessment at the end of each term to gauge pupils’ progress. Mental arithmetic tests are given periodically at times throughout the year and Functional Mathematics forms an integral part of their learning. Pupils are taught in their form groups and differentiated for appropriately.

The numeracy skills of the pupils are further developed in other subjects where appropriate.

Key Stage 4

Homework tasks are set using MyMaths. (

Each student has been given their unique login details.

Feedback and house points will be awarded on completion.

Students may also use MyMaths for independent study and revision

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