Rowhill Outreach Team and Specialist Teaching and Learning Service (STLS)

The Dartford Specialist Teaching and Learning service is based at Rowhill School (SEMH). The STLS and Rowhill Outreach work closely together to provide support and training to all schools and Early Years setting in the Dartford District. This collaborative working has ensured that CYP with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities(SEND) in Dartford receive high quality specialist interventions and support to ensure their successful inclusion within mainstream schools and settings.

Access to support for schools and settings is through the Local Inclusion Forum Team (LIFT)and Early Years LIFT process which provides a structure to support schools and settings within the District. This may include individual school support for an identified pupil or groups of pupils, multi-agency working to support children and their families, training for schools and bespoke training for groups of schools.

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